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Institutional Expertise Combined With Local Market Knowledge

Cornelian Capital Partners is a London headquartered investment firm, bringing institutional investment expertise to frontier market opportunities. We focus on finding the best investments in East Africa’s frontier markets and in the real estate markets of developed economies.

Our partners come with a wealth of experience in private equity investment. We use this experience in conjunction with a global network of principals to source the highest quality opportunities for our clients. Our professionalism and care ensures each of these opportunities is thoroughly investigated and stress-tested before being presented. Like our clients, we do not settle for anything less than excellence.

With principals based in North America, UK, the Middle East and Kenya, Cornelian Capital combines a global presence with industry experience and local market expertise to provide investors with access to East Africa and selective developed market opportunities. Key relationships around the world help us ensure that each investment is managed professionally and is executed with success.



Emerging Markets with Experienced Investors

Cornelian Capital is dedicated to bringing only the best opportunities to its investors. With an extensive network of principals throughout Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique we seek out investments in growing and undervalued sectors.

East Africa has seen strong and consistent growth through the global downturn and will be one of the most compelling growth stories of the coming decade. Structural changes, infrastructure development and favourable demographics are driving the expanding middle classes that is now demanding the same choice as those in mature markets.

In recent years, large offshore discoveries of oil and natural gas have been made. Major multi-nationals have begun to take advantage of the easily accessible drilling sites. With rising demand for LNG production, and large oil wells becoming harder to find, East Africa provides an incredibly attractive center for production.

The drive in both onshore mineral production and offshore drilling has provided numerous opportunities for the international investor. China’s investment across Africa has increased 10x in less than a decade. With political, social and economic reform taking place, East African governments have sought to welcome investors and adopted policies to support and energize markets – lowered taxes, free and open trade as well as strengthened legal and regulatory systems.

East Africa is proving to have some of the highest returns anywhere in the world. Access to these markets can be difficult and stock markets in such regions unreliable. Cornelian’s wealth of experience and local network provides investors with opportunities of an international and institutional standard.



Handpicked Opportunities for Discerning Investors

Property prices across developed economies suffered significantly following the Global Financial Crisis. Few markets recovered as quickly as London, and today the city boasts one of the most in-demand property markets in the world.

London’s unique advantage is as a location that spans the business time zones of both eastern and western major economies. In addition the secure regulatory environment means property assets are displaying strong current yields as well as good capital appreciation in a stable currency. As a secure investment offering a reliable yield, London property is one today’s most exciting assets.

Cornelian Capital seeks out unique investment opportunities through its network of principals. Strategies are across both commercial and residential property and include medium and long-term development and leasing opportunities.

Recently completed transactions include the successful development of an apartment block on Commercial Road, in the immediate vicinity of London’s City. The project was overseen in full by Cornelian and returns to investors exceed expectations.

Cornelian also seeks standout purchase opportunities that can be presented to clients for direct residential investment. Having completed on projects in Hampstead and Shoreditch, Cornelian has maintained a steady flow of opportunities to its investors.

An in-depth knowledge of these markets and vast experience in the real estate sector allows Cornelian to only present those investments that will provide the very best returns.



The USA and Canada are seeing a resurgence in real estate investment values. The improving macro story in both economies is one of continuous population growth, consistent job growth, and improving consumer sentiment which are pushing real estate values upward after massive pricing corrections caused by the Great Recession.

Cornelian Capital engages a variety of strategies within the real estate investment market. Long-term leases to large, credit-worthy companies ensure a strong yield with capital appreciation and minimum property maintenance. Multifamily properties offer inflation protection with adjustable short-term leases.  Development projects provided a longer-term investment with higher multiples of return.

We have executed recent transactions in Florida, Chicago and Toronto. With principals based in the USA and Canada we are able to offer our investors a steady deal flow of high-quality investment opportunities. Our positioning allows us to act quickly, to have a strong and up-to-date understanding of the local markets and to establish deep relationships in the locations that we invest.

Our experience and knowledge of these markets combined with our global reach of principals and partners, allows Cornelian to present only those investments that provide the very best returns.



Investment Partners

The Investment Partners provide a depth of experience, knowledge and strategic relationships to discover the best opportunities of their fields. They draw on their backgrounds in investment banking, management consultancy and real estate, working for and advising many globally recognised names.

With a strong East African heritage, and a life-time of experience in the worlds largest markets, the Investment Partners are constantly looking for high quality investments to present to their clients.


Venture Partners

Cornelian’s Venture Partners operate on the ground to manage our investments and keep a close eye on their success. They bring very detailed specialist knowledge in each of their fields and ensure that each investment is executed reliably and professionally.

Advisory Partners

The Advisory Partners are drawn from a wide variety of fields including International Private Banking & Wealth Management, Accountancy, Real Estate Management and Infrastructure. They have worked with and sit on the boards of a number of major multi-national and Fortune 500 companies. Their experience and advice in each of their fields enables Cornelian to execute efficiently on each of its investments and also allows us to offer our clients a holistic approach to investment.



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